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Permainan: Percakapan B. Inggris

Hi..I am Tika with Mr. Nurdin..do you know us?
owwhhh .......it is not important...you know us or not, here we just try to help you managing English Conversation Class by giving these games:

What can I see?
1. look around the classroom. choose something interesting. it
could be a shoe, a map, a pen-anything.
2. If you choose a book say:
What can I see?
Something beginning with B"
3. Students ask:
'is it a bag?' you answer : no
'is it a boy?' no
is it a book?' yes
5. With younger classes it could be a good idea for each student to tell you the word before they
start so you can make sure they say the correct letter of the alphabet.

could also students to choose things that are outside, provided everyone can see them.

What is in the bag?
1. Put a number of items into a bag before you go to class
2. Ask students to form groups. one person from each group puts his/her hand into the bag and
feels the items for 30 seconds. don't let them see the items.
3. When they return to their groups they tell the other what they think is in the bag and write a list.
4. Continue the game, with a second person from each group feeling the items and then returning
to report to their groups.

What am I doing?
1. Write a list of verbs on the board which could be demonstrated by miming. examples sing,
dance, run, sleep, drinks, eat, laugh, cry, write, read, wash, sweep.
2. Students take turns to the mime an action.
3. The class asks question such as " are you sleeping?, are you crying"
4. The student answers by saying "no, I am not sleeping. yes, I am crying"

Students could choose a piece of paper with a word written on it, then mime it for the class. they might need a minute to talk about what they will do.

Story Board
1. Draw some simple pictures on the blackboard. you don't need to be able to draw well to do this. Don't worry if your students think that your drawings are funny. This will help them enjoy the activity. Just laugh and enjoy it with them.
Example: a person, a bicycle, a tree, a house.
2. Individually or in groups the students write a short story based on the drawings.

* Each group could contribute one drawing then write a story which includes all of them
* You can ask them to write the story in the past tense.

1. Student stand in a circle. it may be necessary to take your class out side of this activity.
2. Say " Touch Your Head" but put your hand somewhere else e.g. on your knee. Students must listen carefully and obey your verbal instruction, not copy of what you do with your hand.
3. After a practice game, students who do not follow your instruction must sit down.

Ni aja dulu moga bermanfaat..kalo dirasa membantu tunggu edisi berikutnya....stay close to nurdinudiyasiyakurima ya..

Selamat Belajar

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"Semoga Bermanfaat"

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