Minggu, 28 Maret 2010

Permainan: Grammar Cards

  1. Make a set of cards with simple grammar categories. Examples are 'verb', noun', 'adjective', 'adverb'. make another set with words from each category. Example are 'run', 'girl', 'small',' and 'quickly'.
  2. Place the grammar cards and word cards face down on the desk in two piles.
  3. turn over a grammar card and then slowly turn over word cards until one matches the grammar card. the first student who says the name of the grammar category wins that card.
  • After all the word cards have been won the students with the cards try to make sentences using their cards. the others in the group can help.
  • The words could be written on the blackboard at the end of the game and the students could write stories using them. This could also be done in small groups, if you want to do this at the end of the activity, you should choose words for the card game that the students can easily use in a story.

Permainan: Words Beginning With...

  • Students write as many word as they can that start with a letter of the alphabet. give a time limit, for example two or three minutes. they could do this individually, in pair or small groups.
  • Students write their words on the board. after the first student or group has done this only new words are added. if there are words that some students don't know they should write them in their books and others can tell them what they mean.

Jumat, 26 Maret 2010

Idiom Inggris: as good as gold

"as good as gold" berati bagus sekali atau bisa diandalkan


  • ‘The old car is still going well and the engine is as good as gold. It is very reliable indeed.’(mobil tua ini masih stabil dan mesinya bagus sekali. sungguh bisa diandalkan)
  • ‘My little son is really great and now he's as good as gold when we travel in the car. No problems at all.’(putra kecilku benar-benar hebat dan sekarang dia bisa diandalkkan dalam mobil saat kami bepergian. tak ada masalah sedikitpun)

Senin, 25 Januari 2010

Idiom Inggris: Let your hair down

"Let your hair down" berarti rileks

why don't you join us on Friday? the party will give you a chance to let your hair down at the end of this very busy week at Office (mengapa kamu tidak bergabung dengan kita para hari Jumat ? pesta akan membuatmu rileks dari pekerjaan kantor yang menyibukkan di akhir pekan ini)

Minggu, 24 Januari 2010

Idiom Inggris: In the same boat

"In the same boat" berarti mendapatkan kesulitan/permasalahan yang sama

One day I hear two students talking about this:
"I agree, it's hard to get them all done, but at least we're all in the same boat" (saya setuju, memang sulit menyelesaikan semua secara bersamaan, tetapi setidaknya kita mendapatkan permasalahan yang sama)

Permainan: Percakapan B. Inggris

Hi..I am Tika with Mr. Nurdin..do you know us?
owwhhh .......it is not important...you know us or not, here we just try to help you managing English Conversation Class by giving these games:

What can I see?
1. look around the classroom. choose something interesting. it
could be a shoe, a map, a pen-anything.
2. If you choose a book say:
What can I see?
Something beginning with B"
3. Students ask:
'is it a bag?' you answer : no
'is it a boy?' no
is it a book?' yes
5. With younger classes it could be a good idea for each student to tell you the word before they
start so you can make sure they say the correct letter of the alphabet.

could also students to choose things that are outside, provided everyone can see them.

What is in the bag?
1. Put a number of items into a bag before you go to class
2. Ask students to form groups. one person from each group puts his/her hand into the bag and
feels the items for 30 seconds. don't let them see the items.
3. When they return to their groups they tell the other what they think is in the bag and write a list.
4. Continue the game, with a second person from each group feeling the items and then returning
to report to their groups.

What am I doing?
1. Write a list of verbs on the board which could be demonstrated by miming. examples sing,
dance, run, sleep, drinks, eat, laugh, cry, write, read, wash, sweep.
2. Students take turns to the mime an action.
3. The class asks question such as " are you sleeping?, are you crying"
4. The student answers by saying "no, I am not sleeping. yes, I am crying"

Students could choose a piece of paper with a word written on it, then mime it for the class. they might need a minute to talk about what they will do.

Story Board
1. Draw some simple pictures on the blackboard. you don't need to be able to draw well to do this. Don't worry if your students think that your drawings are funny. This will help them enjoy the activity. Just laugh and enjoy it with them.
Example: a person, a bicycle, a tree, a house.
2. Individually or in groups the students write a short story based on the drawings.

* Each group could contribute one drawing then write a story which includes all of them
* You can ask them to write the story in the past tense.

1. Student stand in a circle. it may be necessary to take your class out side of this activity.
2. Say " Touch Your Head" but put your hand somewhere else e.g. on your knee. Students must listen carefully and obey your verbal instruction, not copy of what you do with your hand.
3. After a practice game, students who do not follow your instruction must sit down.

Ni aja dulu moga bermanfaat..kalo dirasa membantu tunggu edisi berikutnya....stay close to nurdinudiyasiyakurima ya..

Idiom Inggris: Put the cart before the horse

"Put the cart before the horse" berarti menaruh sesuatu tidak pada tempatnya

my brother is worried about the food he'll eat when he goes to Australia, but he hasn't even applied for his scholarship yet. He's always putting the car before the horse. [Saudara laki-lakiku khawatir dengan makanan yang akan dia makan nantinya saat pergi ke Australia, tetapi dia bahkan belum melaksanakan studinya. Dia selalu menaruh sesuaatu tidak pada tempatnya (menduga-duga)]

Idiom Inggris: Dress up to the nine

"Dress up to the nine" berarti mengenakan pakaian formal

You must have been going to a wedding or something, you were dressed up to the nines. (Anda seharusnya pergi ke pesta pernikahan atau semacamnya, karena anda berpakaian formal)

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