Minggu, 28 Maret 2010

Permainan: Grammar Cards

  1. Make a set of cards with simple grammar categories. Examples are 'verb', noun', 'adjective', 'adverb'. make another set with words from each category. Example are 'run', 'girl', 'small',' and 'quickly'.
  2. Place the grammar cards and word cards face down on the desk in two piles.
  3. turn over a grammar card and then slowly turn over word cards until one matches the grammar card. the first student who says the name of the grammar category wins that card.
  • After all the word cards have been won the students with the cards try to make sentences using their cards. the others in the group can help.
  • The words could be written on the blackboard at the end of the game and the students could write stories using them. This could also be done in small groups, if you want to do this at the end of the activity, you should choose words for the card game that the students can easily use in a story.

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